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Who we are

We aim at promoting medical academic related practises, and delivering up-to-date academic information and professional services to the medical practitioners, researchers, and all other medical personnel, hence facilitate the general development in the field of medical academic. 

What we do

Our major projects include inviting international reputational field experts to China to a speech tour or a letcture during a big conference, and organizing Best of xxx or xxx Asia events with internationally well-known medical associations and societies. 

Our Experiences

We have done several speech tours with international speakers from Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and so on. They are all very satisfied with our professional services and always look forward to our next cooperations. Click "View More" to see more details. 

Our Office

Address: Room 1117, Tower C, Guo Rong Guo Ji, No. 7 Rong 

Jing Middle St., BDA, Da Xing Dist., Beijing, China 


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